Artwork by Artist Henry Manning

Henry Manning art works at Gallery Briseno show

Henry Manning’s artwork at Gallery Briseno show

Henry Manning is an artist living in the Pacific Northwest on the Oregon Coast. He creates art that melds aspects of several modern art movements into attention demanding graphic images.

Aspects of Minimalism in the artist’s use of monochromatic color fields; strong ties to the Color Theorists in the controlled variations in hue, saturation and brightness and the hard edged boundaries that emphasize the resulting perceptual effects; an Iconic Realism that reduces the images of everyday life to graphic design elements that together add to the overall impact of the perceptual experience. Even ties to Op Art and Geometric Abstraction can be easily recognized in his work.   Henry’s most recent work has been focused on abstract art, with a variety of seascapes paintingsabstract landscapes, other graphically interesting images, even urban artwork.

To purchase art prints, visit at the artist’s online store; choose material and framing options.